Connected all the menus to our virtual pet game, time to implement rock-paper-scissors.

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Added cute little progress bars to display the virtual pet's vitals.

@neauoire Looks great, can't wait to try it out once it's finished! Does it (the game) have a name yet?

@nomand @neauoire The name of our little game :> lol... i just noticed the double k

@rek @nomand @neauoire in Russian we would say космическое яйцо, if you smash two words together it looks just like a list of not connected words.

@neauoire this on a small arduino based portable device... A hackable tamgotchi! I have an original one here... Would be interesting to retrofit it to run uxn...

@gef I think the logic is baked into the hardware in a tamagochi no?

@neauoire yep thinking more of using the shell and replacing the guts!

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