My home feed right now is nothing but toots about NFTs, well done everyone, this is definitely the sort of discourse I come on the fedi for.

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@neauoire the curse of "raising awareness" when what i really want is to decrease awareness

@neauoire i am still waiting for someone to suggest what the abbreviation could also mean - instead of in the crypto web3.0 sense. i think there could be some humorous word plays hidden somewhere inside - maybe even some to rub the crypto disciples against the grain...

@elbosso @neauoire Probably you're not looking for this, but I know some of you like languages.

There's a playing in Spanish to refer to those people: "criptolais". It's a blend word for "cripto" (crypto) and "tolai" (an informal way to call someone "naive"), but at the same time is homophonic with the English phrase "crypto lies".

I'm not sure about the tactical intelligence of insulting people (apart from morals), but I can't deny the fun and cleverness of the term.

@neauoire people want to use whatever tools they can to break out of financial and time slavery, can't really fault that. There's a gold rush happening and some might get lucky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Everything like that comes in waves, first in make a lot, then it gets too popular, then race to the bottom, then the resource is dry and noone can make a living anymore. Appstore, Steam, YouTube, all dry wells now. Same will happen to NFTs

@nomand @neauoire "people want to use whatever tools they can to break out of financial and time slavery, can't really fault that." is a good way of putting it. Not everyone though, mostly the losers and it sucks. Annoying to be a bystander of all that nonetheless.

@nomand @neauoire and I meant losers in the grand scheme of things, not in a derogatory way. (Clearing things up)

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