A second beautiful lion's mane mushroom is on its way 🍄

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@neauoire I’ve never had one but in my head these taste of cauliflower.

@huxel yeah, there are these local foragers that sell these boxes at the market :)

@neauoire is this off the same box as before?

Also curious if you and @rek eat or plan to eat the mycelium?

I ask as I take Lion's Mane powder from fungi perfecti for it's nervous system support and this is made with the mycelium.

Growing lion's mane is on my short list of projects to do but unsure when I will make it happen. I've grown from kits before but want to grow out a large batch once a year and have my own supply.

@kpc @rek we'll probably leave the myselium left-over in the forest behind our friend's house so it might have a little chance to grow, it grows natively here.

It's the same box as before, it just keeps on coming.

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