We spoke with the FSF, and we found an arrangement so we could have access to a somewhat reliable internet connection for the event, and so we'll be happy to give a keynote at the upcoming LibrePlanet, March 19 and 20!

Now, I guess we should make ourselves some sort of slideshow software.

Writing type-setting applications in assembly is pretty much peak programming pleasure to me.

@neauoire that would be cool! A whole uxn word processing suite.

I love the idea of simple markup-to-slides tools, but none of them that I've tried seem to work well

@aw I hadn't! This is perfect, I'll try doing an implementation.

@slisne I don't think it will have fancy wordart, but maybe one large high-res uf3 font, and 2-bit graphics support, nes controller handlers.

@neauoire @slisne reminds me of vlambeer's old gamemaker presentations, very much use the tools you like to do the thing and hang the rules

@maxc @neauoire hell yeah! I was just kidding with the wordart, but I like the idea of using minimalist software for presentations

@neauoire haha ofc, the perfect 100rabbits move. Good luck!

@neauoire make all your slideshows in Orca. Each slide is an Orca document. Even get to animate them and maybe some will make pretty good noises!

@neauoire I remember I did some collection of #troff macros designed for screen presentations. I even did a presentation using this! Using a limited OS brings some inspiration for new tools, indeed

@neauoire when I saw someone post that suckless software, I was kind of expecting this to happen haha

@neauoire Out of curiosity, what are you doing for slide transitions? I've been curious about whether there was any screen scrolling support since I didn't see any in the device registers or any mention of the screen buffer being in main memory

@elfi I doubt I'll add any sort of fade effect. I'll just draw the next slide on top.

@neauoire I went thru a period a while back where I tried to switch all my browser fonts to pixel fonts because the laptop the bought me for work has a low-res screen. there are loads and loads of monospace ones but I found it very difficult to find proportional ones with more than one size option.

@neauoire jackpot. I'll have to give this a shot. have you tried configuring a browser to prefer these and overriding whatever the site tells you to use?

@technomancy on plan 9, abaco and mothra both use pixel fonts, it's pretty much standard browsing experience for me :)

@neauoire this repo is INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for pointing us to it

@neauoire my cross-stitch software ingested everything from and I look forward to adding to its collection 😋

@neauoire Oh wow, this is nice.

I'll need some bitmap fonts soon so this is handy. it's… pretty ugly actually, the letter spacing and kerning is awkward and the letterforms feel too, idk, wide

@chjara @neauoire i think everyone on merveilles (myself included, I think it looks great) has classic Mac OS brain. the more something looks like it was made in hypercard the closer it is to perfection you're on disqordia nerd
also yeah i was born in 2004 all i know is times new roman

@chjara @syn @neauoire for a pixel font though? it looks great tbh, considering what it would be used in

@neauoire Are you inventing some new syntax for describing slides?

@akkartik I just went with a REALLY silly postscript-like language. I guess it's a bit more like turtle.

x,y MOVE, moves the drawing position
path.tga IMG, monochrome drawing
path.tga IMG2, 2bpp drawing
line TEXT, some text

@neauoire @akkartik Heh, while you're looking into graphics primitives, I'm thinking of re-creating IBM 3270-style user interfaces. (Not that I am going to ignore graphics; I did make a small GEOS-inspired GUI for my font editor after all, which I would like to port as well. But, baby steps!)

@vertigo glad you think so! uxn has only 64kb of memory so I can't load the images in memory, I stream-draw directly from the tga files 🤦‍♀️

how's the frame works in uxn ? is it like the c64 with a part of ram holding the data ?

@ragekit yeah pretty much, but the screen in uxn is write-only. You can't use it as a buffer.

@neauoire well i guess you can hold the data somewhere else

@ragekit yeah, in noodle and nasu, for example, I keep a copy of the drawing in memory.

@neauoire *holds up gba at company meeting* "as you can see,"


Does the k and f have a tiny bit too much space after it? Not sure the s have too much space before it?

Kerning is not an easy thing though. What you are doing is quite remarkable.

@dsfgs I'm using the Macintosh System 7 kerning at the moment. I'll write a couple of slides and correct the spacing that looks weird from that.

@neauoire Fun fact: The very first applications that I ran on the Kestrel-2 and the Kestrel-2DX were in fact slideshow programs. I used them to present the very computers I was using at the Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group meetings. 😏

@neauoire I don't, but there are SVFIG videos of my presentations. I'll try to find one for you.

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