The looming fear that someone would eventually come and tell me to stop fucking around with esolangs and to get to work.

Each year, I'm like, just one more year of playful computing, just.. one more- please

@neauoire How the hell would someone have that authority on you ? you get your creative and very productive practice, your boat, your supporters and friends, and some intl fame ... what would be the force that would push it on you?

you both have those buoyant bases to lean on, kill the anguish and enjoy !

@Olm_e sometimes we wonder if we run out of funds what we'll do, we live off donations, and I'm constantly surprised that people are willing to help us spend our days playing.

@neauoire @Olm_e This is what life is supposed to be for all of us. We can't make it work for all of us, but you and @rek inspire us that we could. I don't think this community will let you stop playing except on your own terms.

@neauoire @Olm_e @rek Yes, but how? Right now, the best thing we can do is find ways around it and wait for it to destroy itself.

@rostiger @neauoire @Olm_e @rek In the book club that started in the forum, folks have settled on reading "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn, which has a lot of intelligent things to say about this exact subject. Can wholeheartedly recommend...

@benthor @neauoire @Olm_e @rek I guess I should re-read it. The book created a new perspective for me on the causes, but I can't recall any practical attempts for solutions.

@rostiger @neauoire @Olm_e @rek if you have already read Ishmael, the more recent "sidequel" called "My Ishmael" might be of even more relevance then.

@benthor Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out!

@rostiger @neauoire @Olm_e @rek “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

@levibeach @neauoire Mhmm, I think I interpreted Clarke's comment as a suggestion for a faster, more radical change. Fuller's statement surely is more tangible. Building new models takes time and sometimes I get impatient. But I suppose the speed at which we are heading towards collapse is fast enough anyhow.

@rostiger @neauoire 100% feel you on the impatience/urgency aspect 😄 I want to be careful not to step into a privileged mentality of "we must burn it down to rebuild" IF there is no real, stable, and well understood infrastructure to facilitate meaningful growth in the direction we want as humans (i.e. "lives of leisure").

@rostiger @Olm_e @rek that's the tricky part yeah, I don't have an answer for that.

@neauoire @rostiger @Olm_e @rek I don't think the way to go is some perfected grand plan to fix everything. Rather, the injustice of the current socioeconomic system is made up of a lot of smaller everyday injustices, which most people don't complain about because they are so embedded in the status quo we barely see them. If we started to point them out and ask for change, we'd already get gradual larger-scale change in the right direction.

@neauoire @rostiger @Olm_e @rek I wrote an essay on one of these injustices if you're looking to be put to sleep :)

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