Author: Code with Conda, PyTorch, etc bitrots.

Me: 💯

Author: Minimize dependencies.

Me: :pilin: ☝️ 👏

Author: All we need is to read from keyboard and draw pixels.

Me: 🙄🙄 What about all that high-performance stuff you mentioned at the start?! You wouldn't use your own archival format, it would slow things down too much for you.

We all have this Gell-Mann Amnesia where we correctly identify problems, but then forget to cross-check if our solutions actually address the problems.

@akkartik I think Maxime is eyeing two different solutions to two different problems.

@neauoire @akkartik Yes; also, the idea of abstracting the GPU behind a consistent and stable interface does not conflict with the overarching goals. It merely enforces module boundaries, making it easier to either replace with newer technology later or keep older technology running longer.

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