I've started from a series of opcodes and am building my way up to actual programs, and at each step of the way, I get these kind of "stop reinventing the wheel", or "isn't this a solved problem".

I feel like a lot of these people have somehow bought into the myth of progress, or think that we're somehow smarter than people of the past, or that we've ascended from the old problems.

We're both looking at each other like, you're the foolish one. Computer science is too young to calcify.

@neauoire the wheels we've inherited roll poorly and only in certain directions, the most important problems have not been addressed let alone solved

@nasser @neauoire Wheels have been reinvented numerous times before, and they will continue to be so. When was the last time you saw wooden wagon wheels on a Lamborghini?

As far as I'm concerned, these people can piss right the hell off.

@nasser @neauoire a platform-independent calendar application with all timezones, DST, and a standard interchange format for common appointments to integrate with anything else (email, u know).

Outlook, I know. The only serious solution, as much as hate to admit it.

Why wasn't that wheel reinvented like chat protocols?

Although, haha, just kidding, there's just irc. :-)

language meta, thank you for making cool stuff and sharing it despite the haters 

@neauoire reinventing wheels is how we got steamboats, innit?

literally have yet to see someone build anything as low level and as accessible, as uxn

seriously excited about the development in ways nothing else in tech, outside idk permacomputing as a concept, can touch.

you're doing the real work, and i dream towards a future where i understand it well enough to use it myself.

(until then, i have shell scripts...)

language meta, thank you for making cool stuff and sharing it despite the haters 

@eryn that's super kind of you to say :')

I rant about the handful of few dismissing comments, but I also get positive ones that cheers me up, and keeps me going, like yours <3

language meta, thank you for making cool stuff and sharing it despite the haters 

@neauoire just the simple truth.

I have literally decided against learning (more) Rust, Python, Godot, etc, because uxn is so much more accessible to my brain, and will let me do stuff i want, like make new games for old handhelds, and that a e s t e t i c... it so much, and i've barely started scratching the surface.

@neauoire The "stop reinventing the wheel" thing always seems strange and kind of invasive to me. Why would they be more qualified to decide how you should spend your time than you are? And even if it were a solved problem, who cares? It's like getting mad someone's doing a crossword that someone else already solved.

@neauoire folks saying that are giving away their ignorance.

and the fact that you have a totally different target (old consumer hardware) really validates the work! generally I'd imagine doing this for: fpgas, gpus, or ils for other languages (CIL, llvm, etc)

@neauoire I get that a lot for being interested in amateur radio, for getting excited when you're able to contact somebody on the other side of the earth with 1W or stuff like that. They think on the lines of "we have the internet" or "Marconi did that 100 years ago". There's some truth in what they say, of course. Maybe. I think that everyone should find a good balance between walking unknown territory and reinventing wheels. When I do research for work, I'm really pissed if I get results that were already published, but when I'm doing things just for myself, I really enjoy even the simplest things like growing tomatoes.

I believe that what you do has more to do with art, poetry and music and nobody's ever told Brad Mehldau to stop playing Nick Drake's standards because they're old.

@zabow Haha, I like that analogy. "Stop playing piano, piano is a solved problem! We've figured it out"

@neauoire @zabow i know this is a joke, but after a few years of playing the same pieces a hojillion times for examinations it does kinda start feeling like that...

@carcinopithecus @zabow some of my favourite piano pieces are fairly recent, I'm glad we didn't stop in the 16th century.

@neauoire imagine telling somebody how they should/shouldn't spend their creative energies & interests :/

@tty I get that sort of stuff a lot. Sometimes it's even from people .. that are online friends from a long time, and I guess they mean well, in a way. Not my favourite sort of comment to wake up anyways-

@tty @neauoire Hold on. Let me call my ex, and I won’t have to imagine.

@neauoire the CS field is built on top a lot of arbitrary conventions. In the creative computing fields (I'm definitely thinking about music here), absolutely everything should be questioned.

@neauoire if i weren't so lazy and preoccupied i'd feel inspired to make a big motivation poster with "STOP REINVENTING / The Wheel!" as the caption and the image being this huge assortment of different bike wheels, casters, millstones, tires, tractor treads, pinwheels, turbines, motors, engines, bearings and all sorts of weird-ass gears

@neauoire It seems tied to some notion that anything related to digital technique has to play out as some kind of market-based, winner-take-all competition. But so many other areas of culture have accepted that having a diversity of methods and design philosophies is a good thing.

Anyway, if people feel provoked, then that maybe it's a sign you've challenged them enough to reflect on (but maybe not change) their assumptions.

@neauoire We aren't "smarter now"...

The car manuals in the 1950s contained instructions on how to disassemble the engine and change the piston rings.

The car manuals in the 21st century contains warnings to not drink the battery acid. There was a reason why it wasn't needed before...


Claim; "People bought into the myth that we are smarter now."
Response; I agree. It is a myth. We are not smarter.


@neauoire Everyone calling themselves a "programmer" should build a language from scratch, just to learn what it takes and how things work under the hood.

Naive Script kiddies and snobbish Software Developers skip this, because it requires serious thinking.

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