@neauoire "The machine will be built to communicate in written format. It means writing and reading. That covers already a lot of use cases. Writing documents. Writing emails. Reading mails, documents, ebooks. Searching on the network for information. Reading blogs and newsletters and newsgroups.

It doesn’t seem much but, if you think about it, it’s already a lot."

@neauoire To make a computer which lasts for a long time it would need physical redundamcy. Probably it would ship with spare parts and a repair kit, or it would contain multiple redundant circuits, so that when board A fails you manually slide a switch which activates board B.

@bob If physically redundant parts are implemented, then they're also at risk of developing faults over time. A lot of the time capacitors go bad long before circuits or even chips. IME parts availability and accessibility > consumer-oriented redundancy.

@bob but you probably could build a PCB that has space for redundant parts, make the components harvestable and account for damage. A lot of early 90s tech died for no damnd reason due to varta battery acid leaks on boards.

@stevelord @bob

S100 based CP/M machines seemed to achieve this; when I was 16 and doing work experience at British Telecom I was able to repair a defective RS232 line driver chip on one to get it working (although this was in the days when there were more through hole components so it was a lot easier)

@neauoire One thing I've noticed about computers in the age range of 25 to 35 years: plastic parts become brittle and weak. A personal computer (that you touch and move around) that lasts 50 years would need to use some kind of plastic that doesn't suffer from this, or not use plastic at all, I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

@zabow @cancel they delaminate a bit, they'd need to be casted plastic like the C64

@neauoire @cancel yeah, but when IBM/Lenovo used that kind of rigid platic the reviewers wrote "cheap plastic" is used for the chassis...

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