I'm trying to tidy up my notes on the various active projects out there.

Send me everything and anything you can think of that attempts to address planned obsolescence and stack collapse through: ease of repairability, scavenge-friendliness, uvms, etc..


@neauoire First things that come to mind are the Gopher protocol, Collapse OS, and, but I bet you're already familiar with them all.

@opfez I am but that also gives me a sense of which projects people are most familiar with :)

@neauoire I find the idea behind super intriguing, but it's also new and might just vanish

@neauoire I'm not sure how active it is, but supply chain/stack collapse reminds me of civboot.

@manifoldslug Rett is very much active working on fngi(civboot), thanks :)

@neauoire oh, I'm glad to hear, I should catch up, their project gives me hope.

@neauoire I remember sending you a link to a paper written by Dr Martin Richards who is the author of tripos and the BCPL programming language. This paper was specifically advocating the use of virtual machines, and in particular Tripos and BCPL as a specific example, for systems that have long longevity requirements.

If you don't still have that link, I can find it for you again and send it. Just let me know.

@vertigo Could you send it again so it lives on in this thread as well?

@neauoire this came to me from your neck of the woods but it's good so maybe worth having a presence in the thread:

@neauoire for the purpose of gathering stats, I'm enamored with idea behind CollapseOS, which in turn made me interested in different kinds of Forth. Might write a post about those eventually. Admiring the general direction of the UXN!
Gemini gives a lot of hope in claiming back the "true web".
Ben Eater has great series on recreating a simple computer/CPU/GPU from TTL logic gates. Got the parts (including 6502!), but the excitement of building is still ahead 😊

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