The ‘frugal computing’ movement is built on the understanding that computing resources are finite, precious, and to be used only when absolutely necessary and in the most efficient ways possible.

@neauoire I noticed you posted it on a certain crustacian website. I also noticed that That One Guy immediately commented, lol

This is really interesting, though it's like the grim side of solarpunk haha

@neauoire There's an enormous amount of room between "finite" and "precious," and computing cycles are much, much cheaper than they used to be. I think it's important to be cost-conscious, but that means having some idea what the costs are. Which means using numbers.

@neauoire Before getting to the link, this seems like an article about my download list! :D

@neauoire Even without scarcity, elegant use of computing resources has a certain... karmic attraction to it.

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