A truth window is an opening in a wall surface, created to reveal the layers or components within the wall. In a strawbale house, a truth window is often used to show the walls are actually made from straw bales.

A small section of a wall is left unplastered on the interior, and a frame is used to create a window which shows only straw, which makes up the inside of the wall.

@neauoire I like this a lot. I wish there was an easy way to do something similar here, so you could get a glimpse of the original timber of the house. Maybe we could leave a section on the inside of the house when re-insulating, hmm, I'm gonna think about it! Peeking back thorough the layers of time appeals to me.

@flatmountain @neauoire I know that some eco-friendly CLT buildings have windows that show the timber frame, often with a blurb about how wood is a carbon sink and renewable as long as it's taken from sustainably managed forests, while concrete actually releases carbon when it's made.

@flatmountain @neauoire Another example: My university also chose to make the buildings responsible for its energy efficient district heating/cooling system see-through, so you can see the equipment and there are infographics on the glass walls on how it works and why it's more sustainable than every building having its own HVAC.

@AgreeableLandscape @flatmountain @neauoire I worked on the Integrated Learning Centre at Queen's University, which did exactly this! We had a cutout showing rebar in a shear wall, sensors inside a wall showing the temp differential of its layers, and also made all the data from the building systems (lights, HVAC) avail too.


a friend has this in their hempcrete house (except without the frame around the exposed path...that's a really neat addition).

@neauoire What's the point of it opening? Wouldn't a permanently fixed piece of glass work just as well and also protect the inner wall material from moisture and grubby fingers?

@AgreeableLandscape @neauoire

I'd say the tactile experience of being able to touch it and feel the structure is an added value. The glass work will shield from moisture.

@neauoire social media needs to have truth windows too! its sorta a great way to think about bugs here that havent been fixed yet.

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