@neauoire I feel weird intuitively registering this as some sort of 3D simulation tutorial


I had to cut an old tire to make a shim (wood will rot, iron will rust… rubber is fine) but it's a heck of a job!

The angle grinder burn the rubber, so I had to use a hand-powered hacksaw.

@neauoire Tire Housing / Earthships are cool, if you want to look at something happy instead of sad.

@neauoire Sadly all that comes to mind is "we deserve to get wiped off this planet" and not much else... 😠

@neauoire @be car driver tried to get into a fistfight with me the other day

@be @neauoire that was after he tried to maim me with his car, of course, and ridiculed me for not driving a car.

fuck cars.

@neauoire I wish more of our trash would be visible instead of hidden in a corner.

Quite wonder what would happen if public services would go like "Nope, we only take what's recyclable or reusable" (just hypothetically).


I've seen some pyrolisys machines by which tires can supposedly be converted into diesel fuel. But I guess diesel isn't expensive enough to make it worth mining those tire piles.


Some idiots tried to make an "artificial reef" off the coast in my state (Florida) out of them a while back. The metal fasteners corroded in the salt water and ocean currents had their way with them, making a huge mess. Same as this but underwater. 🙄

@neauoire that rubber could service many millions of hacks & repairs.

Fucked up that this material used to be the basis of humyn slavery.

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