This: is permanently stuck in my head, but of course it doesn't list the dithering info. The article pops up in my mind once or twice a year and hijacks whatever I'm doing for a bit.

That lowtech article isn't the only piece worth reading on whether dithering is worth doing. I'm more interested in the artistic merits than power consumption, but this is a good read on size:

And because this is *my* rabbit hole, I should add the counterpoint referenced in that article:

And of course opguides weighs in here:

Opguides is a brilliant site on tons of different topics. You should only look at it if you have half a day for aimless reading of exceptionally high quality writing.

And of course I can't talk about dithering images on sites without mentioning @ritualdust's amazing photography. There's a little hi-res/low-res toggle at the top of each page so you can see how the dithering affects images.

@neauoire @ritualdust @rek excellent. I really love the imagemagick examples. Bagged for later, thanks!

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