"What is remarkable about the lambda calculus is that one doesn't need anything as crude as digits and operators in order to do arithmetic, logic, or any kind of computation."


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@neauoire I do feel the Idiot bird has been hard done by— is not the echo or memeisis, the starting point for creative practice? Do not the smartest birds have the capacity to immitate others and there by show some capacity for knowledge of their place amongst other birds, _hark_ a proto self awareness!


ps, this is lovely.

@furiousgreencloud haha, yes a bit, but the idiot bird(identity function) doesn't really have any thoughts whatsoever or introspecition either, whatever comes it comes out the same.

@neauoire ah! I'm not alone in my appreciation for the Idiot birds:

"However the real reason for its apparently unimaginative behaviour is that it has a big heart and is fond of every bird. So when you call x to the Identity bird, the reason it responds by calling back x is not that it can't think of anything else; it's just that it wants you to know that it is fond of x." —

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