Heading to the Broughtons for the summer, will be mostly afk as of monday. We have to do some last minute preparations today and put Pino back into sailing mode.

The boat is ready to take off, we're just waiting to leave. Had an hour to kill, so I made a little self-hosted REPL called unicycle.rom(1400 bytes) that works in the terminal version of uxncli11.


This is what I will be using this summer to do my daily experiments.

@neauoire It looks like a wilder, more mountainous Swedish archipelago.

@neauoire what a lovely destination! enjoy your travels, and we'll look forward to your return to the fedi! ⛵

@neauoire fair winds and gorgeous scenery, y'all, enjoy! looks like some stunning, rarely touched scenery far from cell signal and the drama of civilization!

@neauoire @rek bon voyage! ⛵ I hope your travel is safe and fun. The destination looks beautiful.

@neauoire I bet Pino's itching for some open sea again. UwU


"Boats always come into harbour with more than they went out. Not just their catch or cargo the customs don't get to know about, they always come back with stories."

Safe waters!

@neauoire This is gorgeous! was this shot taken from a cliff ??

@neauoire travel safe! Will you guys have satellite connection while you are on opensea?

@chengdulittlea we won't have connection once we're in Desolation Sound, we won't be seeing any open sea tho.

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