I wrote a tiny self-hosted repl.rom yesterday, so I wondered if maybe I couldn't just load that rom in js and have a little evaluator on the Uxntal documentation for visitors to experiment with.


@neauoire :tealheart: excellent idea!
this might open new possibilities for the online tutorial 🤔 :uxn:

@peregrine at first I felt a bit sick doing this. Building this little thing made feel infinitely grateful that I'm not writing in this silly language this for a living.

@peregrine Ultimately, building js interop with uxn means that I've secured that I will never have to write js again. If I ever do, I'll write my web application logic entirely in uxn.

@neauoire Your boat almost burned down, and you’re able to focus on coding?

Wow. That’s another level entirely.

(In a situation like that, I’d barely be able to handle email.)

@neauoire Oh, ok. I really hope your boat didn´t get damaged too badly, and you can get it back in shape quickly!

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