cute lil' bunny, like: "FIELDS OF BLOOD AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE"

"Frith made all the animals and the birds, but when he first made them they were all the same. The sparrow and the kestrel were friends and they both eat seeds and flies."


@neauoire Yunno they made a cartoon of this for kids, and it was traumatising AF and was definitely not for kids

@seachaint @neauoire and then the animators doubled down on traumatising children with The Plague Dogs

@neauoire that sounds phenomenal actually, checking the library catalogue right now

@neauoire have you seen the original animated version? I watched it in primary school. Absolutely terrifying.

I used to go to Watership down to listen to German pirate radio and various air comms. The place was overrun with rabbits at certain times of the year.

@steve I haven't seen the full movie, but I did see a few scenes from it and it's gory af.

@neauoire I just reread this recently and liked it even better than the first time

@neauoire This is a beautiful book. Have not seen the animation/film others mentioned.

Watership Down *****

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