Our boat is turning 40 years old, everything is breaking down all at once this week.

@neauoire Is it actually better that this all happened right before you set off on a long trip vs in the middle of it?

@calutron it is, but also, like what else is secretly about to break down..

@neauoire boat all sustainable while somehow also a metaphor for Collapse

@calutron seriously. All these "marine grade" electronics, 20-30 years tops, after that they turn to sand.

@neauoire Does anyone attempt the kind of sailing you do with no electronics

@calutron yeah there's a couple, Moitessier, Roger Taylor, etc.. But it's not very common anymore. Everyone forgot how to do it, and marinas don't cater to non-motorized boats any longer.

@neauoire honestly this winter was brutal out here (at least on this side of the San Juans), what with biblical flooding Oct/Nov and then inland-esque frigid cold and snow for so abnormally much of Dec-Feb, I'd probably be more surprised if things *weren't* falling apart left and right :\

this is just your longer-range-than-typical spring shakeout sail! :)

@neauoire REAL chilly today. 12C right now - I'm about to fire up the wood stove because the 3.3A space heater just isn't cutting it anymore now that the clouds came back for the afternoon

@neauoire @klardotsh it was wildly a good 20F higher than normal today - had to stay in the woods near water. 😓


@neauoire relatable, honestly. (I don't have a boat, but I do have a body that is over 40 years old)

@neauoire As my dad used to say, "A boat is a hull in the water you throw money in"

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