@wim_v12e just noticed you were doing lambda experiments in uxntal 👀 keep me posted. I've been scratching my head at writing a uxntal implementation of church numerals and it's kicking my butt. Any idea?

@wim_v12e If you're interested in scratching at this problem, here's this sample Joy program ported to Uxntal as an example:

LIT BRK LIT DUP LIT POP SWP ( i ) [ #00 STR $1 ] ( i ) [ #00 STR $1 ]



@wim_v12e The Church bools and AND operator in uxntal:

( true #02 ) LIT POP
( false #03 ) LIT NIP
( and ) DUP [ #00 STR $1 ]

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