"Last summer voyage through Scoresby Sound to King Oscar Fjord and back along the eastern coast of Greenland"

@neauoire I can't afford an all-wood boat and I know it (even in the 30-40ft range the numbers I've seen for maintenance easily clear $20-30k a year, if those are accurate) but god damn they're beautiful. especially that boom, ugh.

what a boat, and what scenery to match.

@klardotsh Yeah, the maintenance is intense. But sometimes when I do fireglass, I still wonder.. would it be so bad? 25 feet wooden catboat.. 🤔

Anyways, I found the rest of the photos from this set, and they're absolutely gorgeous.

@neauoire yeah, it'd be a "labor of love" for sure, but you two are handy and crafty enough to probably pull it off on a budget (I feel like there's probably two types of wooden boat owners: the ones who want to restore to PERFECT, and the ones who are down to just have something sailable and seaworthy. I have to imagine it's closer to affordable to do the latter, or the Vikings could never have done it a thousand years ago with shittier tech than we have today...)

@klardotsh vikings had better tech than we have now, and better arbors ..

@neauoire I hadn't heard about them having better (especially sailing) tech than we do now! do you have any good reads handy to link on this stuff?

@klardotsh I don't know about you, but the best foul weather gear in the 1K$ range I can get will last 2-3 years tops before it turns to dust.

@neauoire I stand corrected then. These pants are fascinating alone. This is more thought put into one pair of pants than my best raincoat (which to its credit has lasted 4 years so far, but is clearly just mass produced "good enough for the job")

I haven't actually invested in marine foulies yet (started sailing last spring and couldn't do much this winter, recall!) but I'm not looking forward to it. Your description matches everyone I know, they say they just shred like street shoes do.

@klardotsh @neauoire ours aren't *too* bad right now, but the waterproofing doesn't last, and the zippers corrode lol... if you do get foulies, always keep the zippers of pockets closed so they don't corrode open like with my jacket >_<... an invitation for rain...

@neauoire if you'd showed those photos to me and asked if they were real I would have said no

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