So, Rekka and I devised hand gestures for each one of the operations.

In includes a hexadecimal finger-counting scheme, and bitwise gestures, that we hope will be useful for anyone familiarizing themselves with binary.

The system uses a few existing gestures, and purposefully creates new gestures to disambiguate others.


The image shows, in order, the following program:

#01 #02 #03 ROT ORA OVR JSR

@neauoire amazing, love this idea. I was just introduced to a young woman who was very excited about her recent ASL practice.

We spoke a bit about how alternative interfaces to computers might be devised to best associate with these kinds of languages.

@deianeira I'd love to hear about what you spoke about and find in that direction, I couldn't find much at all, but I'm very interested :)

@neauoire mostly off the cuff about (especially for monolingual individuals or those whose first language is ASL) alternative "interfaces" that perhaps more closely map to the "language in which they think". I didn't and don't have very much knowledge about these kinds of things so I was prodding, hoping to understand those she has had the capability to sign with and what might be a better experience than qwerty, for example.

@neauoire we discussed chorded keyboards, the layout of musical instruments as universal/multilingual means of expression, potential uses for braille, symbology/"emoji"/bitmaps as a substitute for english characters, vague hypotheticals regarding midi to ASL character set and potential for midi charts as a means of communication

we've barely scratched the surface of this question yet :)

As for work that others have done -- I haven't come across much yet, but will certainly be on the lookout.

@neauoire Whoa. Compudanzas.

Now I want a movie/game where HAL left you outside the spaceship and you're trying to hack your way in by making hand gestures at door cameras. All while avoiding his hunter killers.

Mind switching ADD to use thumbs?
Otherwise it could be confused with 8?

Will run it with my kid (she was confused with the ASL calculus video, so some explanation is due).

@RyunoKi nice! Try doing things like:

question: #07 AND
answer: #06

@neauoire I find the number 2 to be incredibly tricky to say with this sign language. It is the ring finger, yeah?

@opfez tricky how? open your palm, and use your left index finger to push on the ring finger of your right hand. Don't try to extend the ring finger out on its own.

@neauoire Ah! That's how you do it. I don't know why I made it hard for myself '^^

@neauoire Super awesome! Reminds me of an old idea to program via guitar chords. =)

Now this is I've been waiting to see for some time! Absolutely epic

Most gestures look quite accessible. I expect there to be problems with numbers. For example, 2 is hard for me. For some people, 1 is hard. &c. But it is a neat system indeed.

How cool it would be to transmit uxn roms through television!

@neauoire this is awesome. It’s got me thinking… my dog already knows BRK, but can we do more uxntal? 🤔

@neauoire Unironically one of the coolest things I've seen come out of your UXN development and a part of computing accessibility I've never thought of before.

@neauoire I love the idea of programming like this. Do you mind if I use this idea for my short scify stories? (with a reference)

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