There is a type of beauty that is not rounded corners but implementation simplicity.

@neauoire the kind of beauty that itself pulls the wool from over your eyes and begs you to see all for what it is.

@neauoire A thing I've learned to embrace is taking 5x longer to simplify a thing. I nowadays tend to do it at work, too, rather than just optimizing for time-to-deployment (which is what the industry generally pushes on you as a learned behaviour).

I tend to only find out how successful I was when it comes time to explain a thing to someone else. Example: I was explaining gluumy's design to a friend this weekend and got hit with "wait, that's it?" after I explained the ~10 core concepts.

@neauoire Which was kinda a fun segue on its own: I was able to go into "first, yes, second, those 10 concepts are the building blocks for all these higher-level things you can build _in the language itself_" (which was also introducing him to Forth mentality in a way, which clicked with him because he's a long-time BSD/simple-Linux fan).

Simple(r) pays dividends when applied in the right places.

@neauoire I love seeing this in all sorts of crafts. Happens a lot in mass production too

- Simple clay pots and raised beds as a place to store dirt
- Jars closed by a little bent wire lever or the friction of a compressed stopper
- Knives formed from a sharpened edge on a rounded steel bar, almost infinitely resharpenable
- Woodworking joints that are basically squares fitting into each other
- Single part moulds
- Kilobyte scale utility programs

@neauoire - It is a bit like my favourite parts if the I-Ching...

"Nine at the top means:
Simple grace. No blame."

Here at the highest stage of development all ornament is discarded. Form no
longer conceals content but brings out its value to the full. Perfect grace
consists not in exterior ornamentation of the substance, but in the simple
fitness of its form."

I-Ching hexagram 22 (sixth individual line)

@neauoire you're saying this like there's any beauty in rounded corners :P

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