The last time we rowed around Pino to take a picture goes back a few years, it's nice to have a new one with all the modifications we made.

@neauoire if you were to go back and start differently what would you have done instead before and or immediately after you got Pino?

@dualhammers that's a good question, I think I would have gotten a hard dinghy that we can row straight away instead of buying a fragile PVC one with an outboard, that is one big regret.

@dualhammers I designed the font and we installed the decal back in 2017.

@neauoire BC boats not having to have registration numbers and stickers on the bow make them look so much sleeker than our boats, ugh

@klardotsh @neauoire depends, boats that aren't licensed have to display the numbers (lots of boats in bc have em), since ours is registered with Transport Canada we don't have any.

@rek @neauoire ahhhhh okay that's the same as the US then. my boat is registered with WA state so has bow labeling, but USCG-registered vessels just have to have a name and calling port on the transom. fair enough!

@klardotsh @neauoire exactly yea ^_^, wasn't sure if it was the same there.

@neauoire wishing you both steady waters and favourable winds 🙏

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