Felix Winkelmann implemented a standard , in .

It works amazingly well, it even supports the full Varvara APIs, so it can be used to draw shapes and play music!


It sounds to us like 'Forth' is the new '#Flash' 😊

Seriously, though. Forgetting the flowControl, and interactive qualities that Flash had/has, we would love to see a video-format that can handle slides and pointers more gracefully. And video-in-picture, etc.

@dsfgs It's funny you say this because I'm working on a slideshow for a talk atm, and the way it's programmed is a bit like how flash worked too.

I only have good memories of pre-adobe flash, spent countless hours making little animated pictures in it. I still have some of the drawing I made with it.

F5: New Blank Keyframe
Shift+F5: Remove keyframe.

Yes, we have good memories of Flash also but do any FOSS software load the FLA files? We doubt it.

@aw he made something that rivals Ace Forth, and I think he built it in like.. a week. I'm just floored..

@aw It supports pasting from a .snarf file, which just blew my mind. :maru:

@neauoire the fact that bounce.f is 50 SLOC is wild

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