This wiki is about , a radically sustainable approach to computing inspired by permaculture.


a radically sustainable approach...

mouahaha...minding !

@neauoire I wonder if “calm computing” concepts have overlap as a principle, if it means less notifications is less things running in the background, and less complexity? Not exactly for the same purpose. Especially since I see calm computing more as not letting a machine hijack your attention or manipulate you.

@neauoire @mathiasx It is a central idea in permacomputing to keep the user aware of what is going on in the system. But awareness is very different from attention. Even if there's a lot going on in the system, it's not an excuse for stealing the user's attention.

@viznut @neauoire That makes sense, thank you! Is it also possible that by being fully understandable systems, these systems are not doing anything manipulative or attention-grabbing that someone else imposed? (Unless the user wants that — alerts/timers, or other interruptions the user wishes the computer to impose on them.)

@neauoire @mathiasx Yes, the simplicity/understandability principles and the general ideal of wieldy tools should keep all kinds of unwanted actions low or unexistent.

@neauoire amazing. I need to think about that. I already like KISS, but perma-computing is an entirely different thing!

@neauoire an interesting idea that would need to confront the proprietary nature of tech as well and rights to repair such tech. Open source equivalents to consumer products could be a possible route as profit motive negates open standards.

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