So, @rek had these sort of metal quill tips, I don't know how they're called.

I can't help but be amazed by their simplicity. It's a single piece of folded metal that'll fit over almost anything. Here I stuffed the end of a mixing stick into it, and turning into a pen.

I don't know why I have never seen those before.

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@jalefkowit @neauoire @rek specifically a dip pen nib; that is, a nib designed for pens that do not have an integrated ink reservoir (they tend to be designed to retain more ink than fountain pen nibs)

@neauoire @rek I also love these nibs a lot, and taking it one step further, using feather makes beautiful nibs:

@neauoire @rek I wrote for two years with a nib in university without any issues. It was worth learning proper handwriting with ~21 years after I left school, and using nibs was also worth it.

@neauoire there's a whole wealth of variations on this too if you want to go down a rabbit hole; i did comics in school and a lot of the teachers were very excited about the different kinds of nibs you could get

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