I wonder if there's such a thing as guerilla gardening geocaching.

Planted wheat, barley and mustard greens at 50°8.409'N 124°56.842'W

Planted lentils, mung beans and radishes at 50°8.527'N 124°40.195'W

Turns out the emergency tiller is great at... tilling soil. 🥁 💥

Went to look over the soy and mung beans I've planted on a nearby island. They look healthy, they love it here.

I've planted a ton of things over the summer, and they've almost all grown into adult plants with pods.

Here's a fenugreek plant growing intertwined with lentils.

Went back to check up on the lentils and fenugreek seeds I've thrown around.

I expected one or two seeds per mudball to sprout, not all of them.

@neauoire I have “people are surviving off of food stealth-cultivated in national parks and untended private land” on my apocalypse bingo card.

@mycorrhiza @neauoire "... and geese will still a common lack until they go and steal it back"

@moopet I've heard of that before!

In my part of the continent (and, indeed, much of the continent), the indigenous people practiced "three sisters" agriculture. IMO, this is absolutely something we should be sneaky-doing wherever we can get away with it.

@moopet @mycorrhiza @neauoire I used to come across a lot of cannabis patches in the forest here. Really inspiring cultivation techniques! I’ve been meaning to go back and see if any of those patches are still in use. It’s legal to grow a few cannabis plants of one’s own here now (in Canada) so that has probably changed things.

@neauoire someone needs to build a big centralized platform where we can all put our entries into :thonking:

@neauoire I would def add a bunch of geo coordinates to a merveilles list of places to harvest food! I sadly keep them all in google maps still and have been meaning to migrate them somewhere better

@tty nice :) I will probably make 2-3 more on our way up, and check up on them again on our way down.

I might make a page on the 100r wiki about this, there's a few things to watch out for when doing this, and I'm not sure I like the idea of inspiring people to go plant invasive species all over, but I think if done well, this could be a pretty useful geocaching project.

@neauoire In Sweden there is a site called Fruktkartan (=the fruit map), an open database where you can add fruit trees on public land, This is obviously another step, but somewhat similar.

@keno @jensu @neauoire in the US it's which looks like has locations marked all over the world.

@jensu @neauoire only kinda related, but in some areas in germany, after the owners got their fruits from their tree plants, those plants are basically open to anyone who wants to get the fruit. For free. Not sure if it's a thing the government decided (or the areas themselves), or if it's something the owners do on their own, but it's a nice thing

@sirjofri @neauoire What, like in commercial orchards or in private gardens? Here, people sometimes put out baskets of apples next to their gardens with a sign that says "free apples", but you can't just go in and pick what you like 🙂

@jensu @neauoire in commercial orchards only, afaik. Private gardens would need a sign since they are private.

Well, the commercial orchards are technically also private.

Of course some people also open their gardens or put baskets with fruit out. Many people just can't do that many things with so much fruit. If I had an apple tree, I'd make juice and probably wine, but there would still be much fruit left, which would be just sad if that's not used anymore.

@jensu @neauoire that said, it's quite common to open the gardens for your neighbors if you aren't able to pick the fruit. My mother is currently on vacation and her neighbor watches the garden (watering plants and stuff). They are very welcome to pick the fruit they like. When my mother comes back there will be no fruit left since there are birds and worms that eat all fruits.

@sirjofri @neauoire It's pretty cool that they do that – in my experience, most companies seem to prefer to actively destroy unwanted/unsold products to giving them away for free 😕
And yes, there's so much fruit everywhere in autumn, too bad it can't all be used.

@sirjofri @jensu we have something like it too in Victoria. It's called the Fruit Tree Project, we do it every fall for apples :)

@neauoire I think the sentiment is noble but I would encourage a bit of caution when introducing plants into the environment. This can wreck unintended havoc on local ecosystems

@WoodPixel of course, that's why I chose these two islands which are already tempered by human activity.

@neauoire I don't know if this counts but local Craigslist has had GPS locations of apple and cherry trees that are bearing in excess.

@neauoire love this idea! The map would be perfect for this!

@bounding_star @neauoire i was gonna rec fallingfruit too! Its not quite this but similar

Your idea is fun and useful!
Different, but related, it reminded me of this guy who I think is great!

Went homeless. Done Guerrilla Grazing by choice ever since

@neauoire I'm so glad it was deliberately put to that purpose, and not accidentally!

@twistylittlepassages It makes these perfect holes and I can put the cylinder of removed soil right back on top, with its tuft of moss.

@neauoire Tangential: after looking up that coord, I absolutely love the fact that the nearby towns are called "Squirrel Cove" and "Whaletown". And now you just planted Flavortown.

@klardotsh It's a nice little nook, we're sharing it with just a handful of boats.

@neauoire I accidentally read that like, they live there [now]. 🙂

@neauoire reminds me of Happy Gilmore as he yells at the golf ball: "go to your home!" except we don't yell at plants we sing to them.

@neauoire So are you trying to make them endemic?
I'm always attracted by the idea. I often grew tobacco, poppies, okra, beans, hemp, wisteria and many other plants, collecting seeds and tempted by plant them in the wild.
Is that an interference? Is it really important? Doesn't a bird do the same thing without being judged?

@amelillo They have much less chance to survive than the plants naturally found in these parts, and they'll die in the winter. But since there's a short span between seed and pods, they're pretty ideal.

I've been planting them near logging camps where british loggers brought holly and all sorts of other things to plant around their cabins, I'll keep an eye out, but if they do too-well, I'll pull them out.

@neauoire If it isn't yet, it definitely needs to be. Would be really helpful in putting together those free food maps people make, by exploring their neighborhoods and noting public access fruit trees etc.

@neauoire ope you've proven that island is fertile growing ground now, I give it a week until some billionaire buys that island as "farmland"

(jokes aside, that's awesome that you're getting growth on what probably amounts to muskeg?)

@klardotsh @neauoire I'd be more concerned about wildlife eating the harvest (speaking as someone who lost all his tomatoes and most other things that weren't salad to the rabbits and rats last year (not mad, they just trying to live too (surprised the rabbits like brussel sprouts so much though)))

@neauoire What are you doing to keep the deer from eating everything you plant?

@neauoire @KolokokoBird This question is one that haunts me. Alongside "how will you stop the boar from digging up everything you plant".

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