What was it like playing Angry Birds on an iPhone 3G? We do not know; Apple is no longer distributing signed receipts for that binary. To future historians—not just of computing, but of humanity—the current period will be a dark age.

@neauoire especially games... it's unfortunate that games might easily be the worst preserved art form. Not only due to tech compatibility issues but due to bad business practices and companies making titles forfeit on purpose to promote sales on the next instalment or something weird like that..

@donkeyblam @neauoire but discs are volatile and most recent projects get tons of fixes/patches post release and these are downloads, etc. A lot of it seases to work with new hardware/os iterations, etc. But there are interesting digital archeology projects from both individuals/hackers, academia, museums and then there is GoG which monetizes the work of restoration, and as importantly, licensing as well.

@neauoire my first Library of Alexandria moment was when Megaupload disappeared overnight

@calutron haha, I had the same with mediafire when they expired uploads from non paying accounts, all my rare japanese electronic music, gone.

@neauoire Yeah I'm 95% cmus, then supplemented with youtube and internet radio NTS/WFMU etc

@neauoire Do you use any online backup services for your laptops?

@calutron no, we just don't have the bandwidth for that sort of things.

@neauoire @calutron Hope you don't mind me butting in to ask: what's a CMU? My search results are flooded with unrelated stuff. 😬

@helveticablanc @calutron cmus is an EXCELLENT music player :) It looks like the bottom right buffer in the screenshot above:

@neauoire it does feel like the 21st century actually has been a slow slide into a dark age TBH

@neauoire The stagnation of their mobile browser in favor of enriching the iOS ecosystem will leave an afterimage on the archived mobile web, like a film negative made out of bullshit.

"Why do all these 'web sites' in the historic record invoke the demon 'Mobile Safari' and then prompt visitors to 'open the app' instead? My co-authors and I theorize an ancient struggle between factions vying for power: the 'web' faction whose artifacts survived, and the 'apple' faction whose artifacts did not."

@rezmason @neauoire You have to remember that back in 2022 they did not have self-contained biodomes that were air-portable. Instead what people would do is put some goats and pigs onto a trailer, turn up at a town, and stick some signs up advertising a "Mobile Safari". In this toot, I will expou

@neauoire this article is kinda alarmist trash though. Link rot exists with or without drm. Link rot is a huge problem in our generation. I backup websites I would rather have access to with `wget -mk`, so does

Re: rest — historians don't know *a lot* of things as it stands about other eras, the climate collapse era will be well-studied, there's plenty of data getting preserved.

@jonn @neauoire yep. author is a bit dramatic, to say the least. and doesn’t seem aware of the fragmentary nature of evidence ‘historians of humanity’ deal with. nor of the whole group of people called archivists and librarians. i also wonder if there’s a bit of an entitled expectation to have unlimited access to everything at any time and if that’s ‘healthy’.

@4aminifera @neauoire I actually find it kinda creepy how we have access to cherished and private personal letters of people of the past.

@jonn @neauoire ah yes… the issue of respecting the privacy of the dead… i’m using some of my lifetime quota for creepiness and double-standard on that one.

@neauoire I can offer no meaningful commentary on digital decay, but.. please, dearest internet writers, understand that whenever you use the term "Dark Ages", or claim that we have a "lack of written records" for said "Dark Ages", a historian somewhere has a fatal aneurysm.

@neauoire @flatmountain wouldn’t a historian’s take on this be something like: “during this era major players in software development were so myopic that they prioritized dumb capital interests over longevity and, as a result, much of their work is now lost”? Historians learn plenty about societies by what they exempt from preservation.

@flowb @flatmountain In The Dawn Of Everything, it says the past periods of recorded history often comes with tyrannical rules attached, and periods of smaller regional administration is largerly unrecorded and called "dark ages", or somehow regressive by the next tyrants.

This time around, I'm not sure if we are heading in a period of less centralization - could be.

@neauoire Oop, sure I replied to this! That's definitely a way to use the term "dark age" within a broad theory of history, especially the kind DoE tried to construct.

I was referring specifically to calling the post-Roman / Middle Ages, "The Dark Ages", or claiming the period lacks written records as the article briefly does.

As for less centralisation, I'm crossing my fingers! Or am I? I don't know anymore, I think I need to sit quietly on a rock for full a year and not worry about it all.

@neauoire can we acknowledge that hopefully future historians will have more interesting questions to ponder?

@neauoire 2008 was when we had the housing bubble fueled recession. The first great indicator that millennials were going to get shafted by the boomers. We willfully ignored the initial alarm bells about the impacts of anthropogenic climate change. Historians who wonder what it was like to play angry birds on a phone will be engaging malpractice.

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