"How can the ship be sinking? The bow of the ship is higher in the air than it’s ever been before!"


it’s dry where I am!

It’s completely normal for a boat to go up and down a bit, you’re over-reacting

This ship is so big and well-designed that no one could possibly sink it no matter how many holes they drill!

Well maybe there’s some flooding in the lower decks, but I’m rich enough it won’t affect me up here in 1st class

@neauoire @calcifer it’s basically a very dark sitcom about exactly this.

@calcifer @neauoire this one:

I loved it. Very poignant pandemic humor but also just perfect for “our times”

@neauoire what we need are better bilge pumps, then we can go on drilling more holes in the hull

@neauoire @calcifer If we grow enough sponges, we can absorb all the water before we sink.

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