I've always wanted to try implementing a segment display, where each bit in a byte is a segment being turn on or off.

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I don't know where I'm going with this, I guess I'm making a microwave or something.

@neauoire sweeet, now I'm picturing tiny custom hardware kludged together from found parts running on uxn 😬

@EdS @neauoire I wonder if anyone's ever made one of these* for the RISCV.

* Or built out this particular archaic interface idiom to some other, more modern RISCV dev board.

@mcc @EdS @neauoire Somewhere on my bucket list is a RISCV ISA card. You can a large amount of fun peripherals to play with if you plug it into an ISA backplane.

@cr1901 Hm. Googling "ISA card FPGA" I find various ISA cards from the emulation community wrapping an FPGA. I suspect you could either coopt one of these or figure out which underlying parts they purchased and shove a RISCV core in the FPGA instead.

@mcc Because I'm vain, I want to do a design myself rather than copy someone else's :P.

There's a "Super sound card" project that combines Gravis, Sound Blaster, and other DOS sound card standards into one full length ISA card. I think that might use an FPGA in addition to period-correct parts?

@cr1901 @mcc @EdS @neauoire although if I were to do it again, I would definitely use an FPGA with an embedded RISC-V. The BBB PRU was, in hind-sight, the wrong approach.

@neauoire now that I’m thinking about what modern uses a blue box tone generator could do, I’m thinking it’d be a great way to access easter eggs in another game if that game listened on some screen and gave some hints that the player must create a blue box in real life or have another computer generate the tones to it.

@dualhammers @neauoire I made a gif of that chef guy, because it’s great.

@neauoire Looks like a video game save code entry screen to me.

@milofultz @neauoire

That square 12 segment display looks very interesting! I'm not familiar with them at all. I wonder if they actually used them.

@neauoire if there ended up being tools using this as their interface, i think it'd be super useful in gur case of using a machine made from salvaged parts, if you can't get your hands on an lcd + ascosciated parts and don't have / can't power a monitor (or dont have video generation circuitry), you could build a basic terminal as a grid of 7 segment displays.
you could even wire gur LCDs yourself and put a basic stencil over it to make one from scratch.

I remember playing with 7-segment displays in HyperCard way back in the day.

Fun stuff

@neauoire two questions: what is that language&environment and why it's cdef89ab45670123 and not 0123456789abcdef?

@hatkidchan that's the environment. Where do you see this ordering? I though I did 0-f?

@hatkidchan Oh! That was just temporary while I was sorting out the keyboard drawing routines :)

It looks like this:

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