To add onto the food preservation thread, which is unfortunately private.

If you're hoping to keep oats for a while, don't stock up on the rolled oats, instead get whole oats, and process(grind/roll) them as needed, they take half as much space that way, and will last a lot longer.

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@neauoire I remember when you got (or were gifted?) that grinder; do you happen to have a model number or other documentation available for it if I were to look for a similar on the second hand market? This is one of those things I probably *could* find a higher-tech solution for, but don't *need* to

(Though I guess a burr-style coffee grinder, like the one I have, actually probably works for grains in a pinch. It's just a motor and blades, eh?)

@neauoire oh that's cool. nice high-leverage crank by hand... and also looks easy to chuck a drill onto for lazy days 😂 (joke inspired by an Amazon review for my JavaPresse manual handheld coffee grinder I've screenshotted here, and also by those goofy drill winch handle adapters for sailing)

@nomand It's with other two fedi friends but the original post was private so I can't share it. Anyways, someone mentioned stocking oats, and they meant quickoats, so I shared my tip

@neauoire oh I thought you meant a 100r preservation wiki that's not public yet :)

@wmd a cup of whole oats, make about two cups of rolled oats~

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