I have to confess it-- I am in fairly deep stages of burnout. I see people on here working on cute, fun, personal tech projects, and I remember being in that headspace when I was young, and I get painfully jealous. My career has really made me loathe the one thing I'm best at and there's no time or emotional bandwidth available for getting back to that place. Quitting, for at least another year, isn't really an option. And I'm not sure it's even a solution.

@roadriverrail why can't you quit now? It's going to be really end-game burnout stage in a year's time :(

@neauoire I leave a life-changing equity stake on the table and I am the sole provider of health benefits for a person with chronic conditions.


@roadriverrail all the more reason not to get to the deep end there, ESPECIALLY if someone relies on you.

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@neauoire Honestly, while I appreciate what you're trying to speak up for here, it isn't possible to quit, and losing the job will be literal disaster, so this particular line of conversation really makes things worse rather than better.

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