Every time I see a dev with a decked out computer with LED lights, colorful fans, glowing tubes all sorts of shits sticking out of the thing, without miss, they write bloated as fuck slow programs.

@neauoire Well needlessly complex hardware, needlessly complex software.

@neauoire I don't think I've ever seen a developer with a riced computer like that... I thought that was only a "gamer" thing??

@jpab @neauoire r/battlestations i think has a lot of dev setups. ive seen less glowy devs, but people with like six monitors are a red flag

@neauoire FWIW, I only have a decked out keyboard/mouse with LED lights, and I write bloated as fuck slow data analyses and not "programs" per se (a "data analysis" is a program that is designed to be run one canonical time).

@neauoire elitist judgemental tone aside, if you try to build a PC it's probably very hard to obtain components without LEDs altogether, even motherboards alone shine out of the box

@nomand Ouf, yeah not too compatible with the boat. What do you use aboard?

@neauoire currently I have a xiaomi air 13 laptop. It's awful, but surprisingly user-serviceable.

I've just ordered macbook air M2 last week because of it's power to performance and battery life.
While I make 100% of my income in 3D graphics, is what I have to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@neauoire initially I thought that maybe a PC would work, and it's by far the most modular and serviceable / upgradable way to go, AND you can underclock them, AMD is really reeeeeally efficient underclocked. But having to go through an inverter and then through a PSU is a killer.
Maybe once ITX12VO standard becomes more common, there will be a pathway for an APU based 12v system.
But by then I won't need one :) my laptop battery life goes from 2.10 hours to 45 minutes depending on what power cycle mode I'm in.
It overclocks from base 2.10 GHz to 3.6GHz and underclocks to 1GHz
Also yea I know my battery is shot, it would get about 4 hours when I got it but I left it plugged in for months and this laptop has bad power management because cheap laptop Inb4 converting the 12v directly convert to battery/car/boat power
If your system was low power enough they make basically 24 pin to barrel jack and then those are trivial to just plug in a laptop charger

@neauoire I can understand this sentiment, but, have you really checked the code of EVERY dev that has a colourful computer setup?

@tty One day I'll find one that breaks the rule, I'm hopeful!


1. Everybody's programs are bloated compared to yours 😄

2. I know lots of people with sleek, streamlined (often silver colored) computers that write bloated programs 🙂

@akkartik I was trying to think when I wrote this, do I know people who use dumpster computers and write slow programs, and I'm not sure that I do.

If I had to guess, I'd wager that it's harder to write efficient programs with top of the line specs, than it is to write inefficient programs on a computer that cannot run them.

@neauoire I'm definitely guilty of that myself. Like when I was programming in 30-year old machine code but my repo was hundeds of MB and you couldn't easily clone it. It's so easy to take for granted what I have and forget that not everyone has it.

@akkartik @neauoire ye dominic and substack are both adherents of attitude towards coding :~

»if you want to write fast software, use a slow computer»
—dominic tarr

@cblgh @akkartik @neauoire wow, how big is the intersection in the Venn diagram: boat + programming + writing a text editor :-)?!

@cblgh @akkartik @neauoire i very much wish that i could use a modest computer, but i've drifted down a working-life path that requires Modern Tools and just keeping the mandatory work chat open in a browser tab rules out anything less than a beast of a machine, nevermind all the containers and VMs and so forth.

this whole dynamic puts working under constraints that might incentivize efficient programs completely out of reach for a lot of the industry.

@neauoire @akkartik i think people who write programs to run in VMs or emulators still feel these constraints, but yeah i broadly agree.

@neauoire Along the lines of dev bloat, I've noticed a pattern in my own life.

@neauoire While my PC *does* have a glowing fan, I actually hate it and didn't realize how bright it'd be when I grabbed it, it was just the cheapest effective option >_>

I've also deliberately disconnected the lights on the case from the power supply, because why on Earth would I want my computer glowing?

Given that I do most of my personal dev work on decade-old hardware at best, I'm fairly sure I tend to do a good job with regards to efficiency :)

@neauoire my work bought me a computer like that and I had to turn off all the lights to concentrate well enough to things done.

@neauoire I make no claims to the efficiency of my code, though I try. But building a decent computer without all that is getting annoyingly hard. Last build I had to settle for a case with one blue-glowing fan and swap it out for one that didn’t. And my RAM — my RAM — came by surprise with a glowing edge that thankfully could be turned off

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