I think I want to design and build a desktop environment. I believe I've figured out all the different parts I need for this.

Assigning applications to windows is working!

I only have 64kb of memory to work with, but it's going jam-packed with goodies.

Awyis! First directory listing. Gonna have to turn this into icons..

Managed to bind a top menu to a window's application manifest. This whole thing is now at 4514 bytes in size.

If I can keep all desktop environment stuff under 8kb, it'll leave plenty of space for fun stuff.

@neauoire@merveilles.town >64kb memory

I'll preempt the inevitable GEOS comparisons to say that this looks really good so far and that I can't wait to see how it'll develop from here on out!~ ^^

Real l33t hax0rz use unlimited VRAM as extra RAM...


@neauoire This is a VERY exciting series of developments for folks like me! 👀✨

@neauoire what happens if an app wants to set its own colors? does it get forced to use the system colors or does the system change its colors?

@neauoire @zvava Are the colors saved in each image file? So that the artist can pick the colour s·he wants?

@neauoire Yeah I know about those. But I'm wondering is an artist can make a picture and include the intended colours instead of the picture using whatever colours the end user is using.

@narF no, they'd have to give the meta data along, the spritesheets don't even include image width.

@neauoire ah ok. That could be interesting to add maybe?

@narF I might at some point make an image format, right now I'm only using the NES sprite specification.

I think if people start having issues sharing pictures, I might consider it :)

@neauoire This project is so unique, i need to reconsider all my designer reflexes before making suggestions! 😆

@neauoire @narF Maybe use Targa format? I remember you were pretty excited over how simple it was to support earlier.

EA-IFF-85a container format is more complicated in some ways, but also more open-ended. IFF ILBM files might also be a good candidate.

@vertigo @neauoire @narF bzip'd farbfeld would also be a candidate. Bzip is optional, but farbfeld is easy to parse, easy to understand, and easy to convert to/from. Also 16 bit per primary plus alpha channel is often enough, and 32bit uint width/height also.

@vertigo @narF yeah uxn programs can already import/export targa :) It's what I use in our slideshows.

@vertigo @narF the issue is finding what the 4 colors of an image are effectively.

@neauoire getting heavy atari st and early mac vibes

@lyncia going for something inbetween, I won't be able to make something like System 7 in 64kb, but I can do something close to TOS.

@neauoire what is this magic? C64- desktop environment? ♥️😱😍

@neauoire #TIL about this awesome thing. Thank you!
Incredible interesting and inspiring.

Going back home after a long vacation and will dl this right away i get home. ♥️☕

@coffe gimmie a couple more days to make this all nice tho, I've only started yesterday.

@neauoire will do! Think I'm going to give my friend goto80 a visit and try to understood this Orca-thing first. He has a way of understanding odd music-things. Hopefully he can give me a push in the right direction. Keep on truckin' and stay safe! ☕

@neauoire and i mean odd in the best way! Odd as in fun, inspiring and playful.

@coffe Lemme know if you have orca-related questions :) I'll be more than happy to help as well.

Any thoughts regarding a 16-bit 68000-style big sister to Varvara?

Something with a different set of limitations for a different set of problems (i.e. fun!)

Oh, I know there are shorts, but I was thinking of a little more memory and maybe some more graphical tricks... something like a HAM mode or some raster interrupts for palette shifting trickery ;)

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