@alderwick It's been much easier than I expected to put together, I love being able to go in an out of applications without leaving the comfort of uxn : >


For the next week are you planning to sail to Redmond, WA, and to buy Microsoft?

@neauoire all the critical features seem to be in place: the ability to make aesthetic screenshots of your desktop applications 😂

@dualhammers somehow I feel like showcasing how you can RENAME A FILE, might have been a bit underselling the thing 😂

@neauoire My brain is totally poisoned by a capitalist-minded practicality. It asks "what happens if someone doesn't understand this OS and makes their own, is that a useful outcome of its existence?"

Or "what's this going to do compared to linux?"

But I realize that such questions being my first response are the reason I couldn't fathom building one in the first place


I just to up my salesmanship so I can pitch to your demographics.

Oye Oye this can crunch 1000x more spreadsheets than your typical microwave!

@dualhammers This OS comes bundled with TWO WHOLE colors more than Citizen Cain! It can be used with not only 1, nor two, but 3 buttons mouses!

@neauoire You only need to know ONE variant of assembly to create programs for it! So easy!

@dualhammers Forget about the subpar infix notation of old! This is the postfix future!

@neauoire @dualhammers Attention investors: Something this simple and minimal has infinite potential for growth!

@neauoire I had to look up what that means! Is postfix really considered not human readable?

@dualhammers we're using infix because it's what is teached at school, not really because it's the most practical.

@neauoire @dualhammers main drawback of postfix is that the spaces are significant, which isn't great when writing it by hand on paper or reading it. With infix, the operators are the delimiters, which is pretty convenient and easy to read, aside from those silly order-of-operations puzzles. For reading formulas and equations, I prefer infix. For programming or using a calculator, I prefer postfix.

@neauoire I wish I had the focus to do cool stuff like that. Another buddy of mine started doing OS work too:


@djsumdog it's fun to do, if you can spare 3-4 days sometimes and make one, it's well worth the time. Lots of little interlocking puzzles.

@neauoire It didn't take you a week to build an OS. You've been building up to it for 15+ years.
It's always hard to know/feel what it's like to _not know_ something.
As someone who is reasonably capable at intermediate programming, I don't see how making a compiler or whatever else is just a 3 day endeavor. The prerequisite of computer science literacy is well beyond "intermediate".

@neauoire It takes some serious fluency to do something like that.
Precisely the kind of fluency where you're capable of just "writing down" your mind structures via code and not struggling with friction of patterns / data flow or the actual code itself.

@neauoire thank you for all the work, teachings and inspirations :)

@nomand that's well said. It has been something that I've been chipping at semi counciously for so long, every few months like "well, that will sure come in handy if I want to build this thing"

@neauoire I especially love "the controls are aimed at d-pad centric" … maybe until my Playdate ships varvara can get crank input :thinking:

@alinanorakari the playdate port sends the crank rotation to Mouse/wheel, so like, that will scroll Left up and down.

@neauoire Oh sweet. You and all the contributers are doing such good work, I'm glad uxn + varvara exists as an idea and now potato. May it spread and may it inspire others to run with the idea

@alinanorakari I hope I can inspire 3-4 people to spare a weekend and build an OS of their own too :)

a beet and a potato are ingredient for:
[1] a pureed soup
[2] an operating system

@neauoire been amazing to watch uxn grow this whole time! Looks incredible

@neauoire and i have been programming for years now and literally never built anything unless you count the projects folder full of code I would never execute again.

@neauoire Only 10 KB?! My my! This thing could run on a potato!! 🥔

@narF @neauoire

This could run on so many computers with ease, including most DOS computers lol.

if its a virtual machine, though, or offline, no problemo!

The desktop itself is the file manager?!

That's completely novel! How cool!!

Love the hat tip to Classic MacOS: "You can set any desktop pattern you like, but you might not *want* to" 😆
🙈 👁️___👁️

I actually love that! The desktop filemanager. Wish there was that option on all OSs

@RL_Dane YES! I'm gonna pack it full of customization goodies, I've started porting Turye so I can edit the OS's font, as it's running and see it change in real-time.

@d6 Oh, I forgot to add a build.yaml file haha, I'll set it up :)

@neauoire @RL_Dane you built the who OS or just the window manager?

@neauoire Daaaamn, you did it! I still faintly remember your first toot from a few months back about what later became uxn. You wrote something along the lines of "that's it, I'm making my own os". And there you are. :tealheart:

@rostiger only took two years! But yes, it's been a dream come true for me, I've been meaning to do this FOR YEARS

@neauoire Whoa, it's been two years?! I guess it always looks faster from the outside.
Your ability to put your mind to something and go through with it with such determination is dang impressive. I really enjoy watching your projects grow.

@neauoire also, since my uxn time is mostly spent in orca, have you thought about how to implement pipes into stuff like shim for this? A plumber type component that lets you define various endpoints seems like it would be handy.

@flowb mhmm, that is a BRILLIANT idea. I'm gonna try something out right away :) Stay tuned, your timing is excellent btw, I was just moving the API stuff around a bit.

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