Rekka wrote an amazing little blog post about summer, rekindling passion for personal projects and making time to fill sketchbooks with stories.


That's neat. I love the idea of journalling to your past self.

I once sent a video in time four years to myself. It was maybe ten minutes long, and I only had a very vague memory of what I had said.
But anyway, I had some really important things to tell myself, things I wanted to keep close to my heart.

So, 2020 me finally pulled up 2016 me's video and watched it and...
VEHEMENTLY disagreed. Felt flustered and annoyed.


@neauoire @rek

...I need to go back and watch it again.

I think 2022 me is a lot more like 2016 me, although somewhat in a wizened way.

I'm glad to be more like 2016 me. He was a lot happier than 2020 me.

@RL_Dane @neauoire @rek Was the idea at all inspired by that particular Cowboy Bebop episode?

@csepp @neauoire @rek

I'm afraid not, my animeology is quite limited.

I did, however, develop an acute appreciation for the artform when I took an undergraduate literature class on anime.

As you can imagine, that class was freaking amazing.

Wolf Children, Princess Kaguya, Haibanei Renmei (oh my heart), and Magical Girl Madoka, to name a few of our "studies." 😍😁

@csepp @neauoire @rek

And of course, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. (How could I have forgotten?!)

That class was one of the highlights of my entire life. I could live 2015 on repeat because of that class and a couple others.

Actually, I'd *like* to live 2015 on repeat, so I could do my awful creative writing class over and over again until I could finally make all the petty, hypercritical people in that workshop shut their mouths. Man, that class sucked. XD

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