Made a little PCM player so I can browse through @alderwick's samples collection :maru:

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Unfortunately, our slow connection won't let me upload this 2mb video on mastodon without failing halfway, so I had to put it up on youtube, but it shows how uf2, pcm, chr and icns can be previewed like on OS X.

@neauoire pretty,,, does the wallpaper take up much memory?

@zvava It's not stored in memory, it's drawn 8 bytes at a time on redraw.

@neauoire @zvava Oh huh! So the rom re-reads it from disk on every draw? :D

@tty @zvava it does :) It's fast enough to stream such a small file on redraw.

@neauoire @alderwick wow, it's really coming together! :D

I'm so excited to try this out :>

@flbr @alderwick Lots of rough edges still(labels drawing over window's edges, and stuff) but it's coming together.

Next up, will be working out a scheme so I can do like "open with left"

@alderwick it does :) it's nice to go through the whole folder with up/down arrows and playing each sample with the keyboard.

@neauoire @alderwick

Man, it's *really* turning into a desktop os! Love the desktop background, higher resolution, desktop clock... whoa... apple logo and command symbol in the font? 🤩

@neauoire typo on the wiki page: "THe operating system comes bundled [..]"

@neauoire 👏👏👏

At which display resolution are you working/displaying it?

Is it connected to a real monitor?

@neauoire "small & simple" translates beautifully to "fucking & fast"!

@neauoire more impressive even than the work itself is how quickly you are able to iterate and explore a novel concept.

That's a feature I'd really like to see on Linux more, and implemented in a performant way. Actually Windows 95 had a QuickView first, but it went away for some reason.

Feature suggestion?:
Searchable menubars like Mac OS X 😁😁😁

@RL_Dane I don't really have a concept of apps yet, so that wouldn't quite work just yet.

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