I'm in love with the beauty of this line.

I do a non-destructive compare between the bounds of a for-loop with the iterator(0), and if they're equal, I skip the for-loop altogether.

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@neauoire you ever have that feeling where you feel like you carved a piece of code out of stone and it's just been sitting there forever and you just found it and now you get to use this super cool thing you found? This seems like one of those

@zvava @dualhammers @neauoire are there public implementation details? I would love to see them

@deianeira @dualhammers @neauoire there's this reimplementation in love2d (missing editors and such, not a full replacement) that is seemingly officially endorsed by the pico-8 guys

@zvava @dualhammers @neauoire unless they have some kind of intimate spec or implementation details I think your time would be more productively spent making something just "pico-8-like" instead

@deianeira @zvava @dualhammers pico-8 is much too large for uxn. Fitting the lua runtime in 64kb would be a pretty crazy challenge on its own.

@neauoire @deianeira @zvava Need a 2kb os for your 4kb os for your 8kb os for your 16kb os for your

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