I miss working on my lovely Thinkpad, for energy reasons I've taken to work principally on the Pinebook, despite its.. many flaws. I've quite embraced the weekly ritual of replacing the ducktape strip that holds the trackpad in place.

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@neauoire it's good to have a routine?

sent form my daily driver pbp

Intense operation is simply invaluable in revealing hidden defects. Is @PINE64 aware of this design flaw?

@neauoire thinkpad are good boys (best boys are doggos obviously)

pinebook is interesting on the paper but is nowhere near industrial (high end) laptops (thinkpad, XPS, etc.), sadly

If your work doesn't take you to bloated websites often, or require tons of RAM or raw processing power, it's actually a quite nice little Unix box.

Seems much faster than my raspberry pi 4 for some reason, although the specs are very similar.

Slower than a core 2 duo, though, by about 4x.

For shell scripts, vim, Libreoffice & light web use, it's fantastic. Cheap and light.

@neauoire, have you tried partially disassembling it to reinstall the trackpad?

@RL_Dane @duponin I have, but there's notmuch to it, it's just a thin piece of plastic that curls upward when it's heated up by the palm of my hand.

@neauoire @duponin

Ah, bummer. Hopefully, replacement components are inexpensive & readily available if that gets too annoying for you. ^__^


I'm daily-driving a RPi 400 to keep the heat in my office down during summer.

I habitually re-press modifier/shift keys now because that thing's keyboard firmware does a poor job detecting them. 🙁

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