This sort of ad makes me laugh, a watch company that uses the lack of features as a selling point.

"Know the time without seeing your have 1,249 unanswered emails"

@neauoire certain having a limited scope of use is a GOOD thing! this is especially true for phones

@neauoire honestly I've been looking at windup mechanical (or alternatively quartz) watches for, in part, this reason. Since 2014 I've exclusively used Pebble smartwatches (even bought my current one on eBay long after they'd gone out of business, and use it with GadgetBridge), but these days, all it does is piss me off.

I've changed life eras in a way.

@klardotsh The last watch I had was a TokyoFlash back in 2010, I never really got back into the habit of carrying one afterward. On the boat, I'd be afraid it gets caught up in something and rip my hand off 🤔

@klardotsh writing this I remember that I have lip piercings and that could equally get caught in shit

@neauoire those would scare me around power tools more than even the watch tbh. For the same reasons I'm sometimes on the fence about keeping my finally-grown-out mane: so easy to OOPS your way into an accidental haircut...

@klardotsh Have you ever had a close call where in a jibe some of your hair gets caught in the passing boom?

@klardotsh I have a ton of those, nothing else to do at sea but think about all the different ways I could get maimed.

@neauoire @klardotsh as if you need a watch for something terrible to happen. A friend whose finger got caught (and sliced off) in a rope, or ladder (I forget) on a boat? Australian visiting the US... bill at hospital was so high he ran away and hasn’t yet returned to the US lol.

@rek @neauoire breaking your foot here can just about bankrupt you even with gold insurance, let alone slicing shit off. i'm so sorry for that person on both fronts 😔

@klardotsh @neauoire
I kickstarted pebble and had a good smart watch when apple followers didn't even know what they will "need" someday.
after using it 2 years I understood what a smart watch does with you and bought a mechanical automatic Sinn watch. which i'm using since then every day (about 5 years). I like the simplicity and also that it is not too acurate... ;-)

@khm What're your thoughts on the Punkt? How well does it work here in WA?

@klardotsh Zero complaints. This is the '2nd generation' MP-02 which adds USB-C PD charging and a couple LTE frequencies. I use it with T-Mobile even though it lacks "Band 71" or whatever. It makes calls and texts, and acts as a wifi hotspot when needed.

I used the O.G. Punkt phone for three or four years and gave it to a friend when I bought this one.

@khm What's the selling points to you over de-Googled Android phones? I've been rocking MicroG+(Lineage|ResurrectionRemix|various ROMs) since long before it was truly stable to do so; doesn't help with "ooh I can load mastodon on my phone", but does help with creepware (to a degree. Google creep, at least - I can't help what, say, Windy jams in their shit)

(maybe I'm selling the Punkt before I even finish asking my question)


@klardotsh This thing has one app (a Signal client) which I do not have installed. Plus it's not a touchscreen so I can operate it while wearing motorcycle gloves.

It doesn't sync with anything, have any games, there's no camera, it doesn't do land navigation, no email, no browser... it makes calls and texts. If I want to do something else, I turn on its wifi hotspot and use a computer.

@klardotsh oh there's actually a second app, called "personalization."

It puts your name on the lock screen.

All the default alert sounds are various birdcalls.

It just about fits in the coin pocket of a pair of jeans. Sticks out a little.

@neauoire my watch just works. No charging, no syncing no winding no new batteries no menus.

The sole feature of a watch is displaying time, that's all. The sole feature of a phone should be dealing with calls. There are computers for checking emails.

@neauoire Try buying a non-smart TV these days.

I'm sure this will be a feature list in the near future.

* TV works offline
* No activation required
* No spy^H^H^Htelemetry
* No ads

I'm sure it'll cost a premium, too.

@neauoire That's not how I see it. There's plenty to hate about smartphones, I get why someone would want something that's just a watch, no distractions, no having to charge it, no gov/corporations using it to track your location (though would've made more sense if they brought up those advantages explicitly)

Nearly bought a Timex, ended up with a bright red Skagen. I do miss the date, but the style was worth it.

Smart watches are too expensive for features I can't really take advantage of without data anyway.

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