While cleaning up the boat, I found two small black notebooks. We started paging through them, to see if we should keep them. The notebooks were full of sketches, interspersed with shopping lists, and incomplete logs from earlier sailing trips we'd done.

We found logs detailing our very first attempt at sailing offshore, our sail down the US West Coast and Mexico, and our passage from Tonga to New Zealand.

Rekka transcribed the logs today.

@neauoire Depending on the storage space, those notebooks sound like awesome souvenirs and stories

@neauoire Thanks for sharing! What a life full of adventure you all are living!

@neauoire I'm starting to read this one, especially the Hawaii leg (I didn't know you'd even embarked with that intent before!), but damn if that "it was 0 knots... it was 0 knots... hey look, cargo ship... 0 knots... OH FUCK 30 KNOTS GG PALS" blurb in there didn't ring true for this area lol. good ole PNW "wind patterns", or /dev/urandom > /proc/weather, perhaps

@neauoire sounded exactly like my 30 miler from Blaine to Bellingham earlier this year down the Georgia Strait - calm to the point of needing to motor, "oh hey I'll put the sails up now, it's like 7 knots, I'll get there eventually...", and then almost immediately the rails are in the water while I'm soloing and have never dunked a rail (they came down and I motored in that day)

@klardotsh aah yes, I misread your phrasing at first.

The weather here, it's a motherfucker.

@neauoire this writeup keeps getting better :) super relatable as a "still green, started sailing in spring 2021" sailor who constantly gets the "fear is inexperience leaving the body" responses out there when faced with new things. I especially appreciate the call-outs to how much of what made the experience stressful was just that it was new, and that in the grand scheme, folks have survived so much worse (and in retrospect, we know that you two would go on to do just that)

thanks for this!

@klardotsh thanks to @rek for writing the logs and taking the time to transcribe them and add postscript notes :)

@klardotsh @rek Having this experience came really useful, it made us much more prepared for our second attempt which lead us around the Pacific.

If we hadn't turned back, we might? have made it, but it would have been miserable, we were trying to burn steps and had much to learn to turn it into the adventure we had in mind.

@klardotsh @neauoire I love that phrase “fear is inexperience leaving the body,” thank you for sharing it!

Another couple of those expressions I’ve always enjoyed: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” and “it takes a steady hand to navigate in open water.”


@klardotsh @neauoire yea, that’s why I decided to transcribe the logs. Esp the Sailing to Hawaii attempt, it was a good learning moment.
I too am glad we decided to turn back. We had a better time sailing south on our second try.
Staying near-ish to the coast was a good idea too, we got to test all that we’d learned, read about in books (sailed wing on wing for the first time, sailed onto and off anchor, heaving to, had bad engine problems that we were able to solve, etc.)

@neauoire oh, excellent. I'm going to look forward to reading these. Thanks for sharing them.

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