The koku (石) is a Chinese-based Japanese unit of volume. 1 koku is equivalent to approximately 180 litres, or about 150 kilograms.

As a rule of thumb, one koku was considered a sufficient quantity of rice to feed one person for one year.

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Uhm… since 1 hectare yelds 2700 kgs of rice, 40.5 square meters are enough to feed one person: not a lot!


I used a very cautious estimate: in some countries it's possible to have 10-12 tons per hectare.

But my calculation was wrong 👿

10 tons (10000 kgs) per hectare (10000 m²) are 1 kg/m², so this makes 150 square meters for a good crop and 600 square meters for a poor crop.

Anyway still not a lot.

@neauoire this is significantly more rice than I eat! Fascinating to contemplate how different my diet would be...

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