I find myself doing a lot of reading on the computer in the morning over coffee, I normally use Calibre's reader but I'm getting be pretty annoyed at how slow it turns the pages and how some of the type is blurry on the Pinebook.

Figured I might as well make my own, I wanted to have a document viewer on the Playdate anyways.


Made a little document reader, felt especially fancy and added annotations.

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@neauoire i still don't understand how to use all those beautiful application you are building. I tried to download them to my raspberry pi and compile but I'm lacking in knowledge and "fumble and fall" every time. This is not meant as a complaining post. Just wanted to tell you how i love the aesthetics of your programs. ☕😍

@coffe where did you fumble? trying to build uxnemu? On the pi, I just run `./build.sh --release` like in the README, are you using a strange operating system on your pi?

@cblgh It's my "discrete" scrollbar, at first I had a dotted line, but it was too distracting, then I had a page number but that was also too distracting. So now it's just a dot.

@cr1901 to gain speed, I mostly use bitshifting for positioning, so it makes a kind of base8 grid

@eris the goal is just to support html layout tags(ul, ol, p, etc), so I can load epubs.

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