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Lots of sailboats on water, photographed from above and from a distance


Not my idea of "sense of freedom" given by the sea: to sail there must be pretty stressing.

@changbai I think just distruption in the sand underneath, the water must be very shallow.

@neauoire Holy crap, that's some traffic! Do you know where that is?

@neauoire Oh, must be the Balaton, then. I wonder why it was so packed..

@rostiger the blue ribbon race is one of the biggest sailing event in europe

@rostiger @neauoire not sure but could be the great hungarian lake, Balaton
(i think on the right is the Tihany halfisland)

they make a boat racing competition every year since 1934
in 2009 they had 612 sailing boats competing at the same time

@June it's not my photo, but probably yes, the photos from the blue ribbon race are epic.

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