Garamond Narrow FTW <3
The font of my adolescent dreams, haha

@neauoire o I saw this ad recently while looking back at PowerPC history, 90s Apple really had a 90s marketing department :blobcatderpy:

@neauoire alright, how many goddamn slides does this talk have? you've posted too many :P

@detondev @neauoire I was going to say I assumed merveilles.town/@neauoire/1092… would be all of them, but I don't see Absolute Power in there, so I guess my assumption was wrong.

@neauoire can't wait for your talk, will it be streamed right away or made available elsewhere?

@brin @bd I'm not sure, but you can watch the whole conf in real time. It's 40$ I think for the virtual pass, and it goes to helping this event to remain sponsorfree.

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