Question for drum and bass lovers: is there some kind of ambient minimal , not really liquid but more on the experimental side? Classic liquid isn't my thing. I prefer , but I wonder if there's something in between, same spirit, but with more drones and less drums?

@neauoire Fuck yeaaaaah such a trip down the memory lane. I love this track, I haven't heard it since maybe 10 years, not sure how it makes me feel but it's awesome, thanks :)

@neauoire The drums slap so hard, and everything feels broken yet whole, it sounds a bit like some proto-Lorn. Pretty interesting.

@neauoire @ice I’d also recommend The Algorithm:

Prog, IDM. There are some ambient bits—more in his newer work.

@icy @neauoire Oh yes, I love his style. Maybe a bit more one the metal and breakcore side but he makes great music. I’ll have to check the latest albums!

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