The Handmade stream starts in an hour or so, I'll be talking in two hours about fun things that I stumbled upon while exploring and virtual machines.

@neauoire wooo! break a leg!

did they move you forward a day or are you doing a talk both days? :)

@neauoire that talk was compelling and very well presented. Cheers on that!

@neauoire very nice talk, I lol’d and learned as well! 10⁄10 would recommend.

@neauoire Just saw the end of it, where do I watch the rest.

@neauoire I’m so pumped to hear your talk went well!!! Excited to see a recording of it when it shows up online :3

@neauoire Just watched the VOD! Although a lot of it is a bit foreign to me (above my technical knowledge), I enjoyed it, it was inspiring! Wish I knew a bit more of the lower level stuff - how does the machine actually work, etc. Really like the philosophies, as per usual! Resilience and re-usability ftw! xD

@thetigerandthestrawberry @neauoire The dissonance of getting ads for Amazon Music and beef jerky in while watching Devine's talk is strong. 😆

@thetigerandthestrawberry @neauoire If you want to avoid the adverts on twitch, which are quite incongruous with the topic, then it's also on Vimeo:

@neauoire for anyone else coming to this late, their talk start at 1:25:23 <3

@neauoire Really enjoyed your talk, thank you for this!

@neauoire when answering the audience question about "being cool", you said that @rek and you chose to sail because it was the only option available to you. Was the lack of options related to cost of living, to availability of work that matches your values, or to something else?

@gosha @rek yes, it was hard to reconcile the anti-capital values that we had with loving in an apartment or paying morgage.

@neauoire @rek Makes sense, respect to you two for not compromising!

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