The local feed is used by members of the instance to share posts that invite conversations at a slower pace than the home timeline. We try to keep it free of threads, shitposts, test posts, and public replies. We invite anyone wanting to make a public thread, to first make a public post, and unlisted subsequent posts. That way, someone may click on the visible first post, to read the rest of the discussion. If you are to share pictures in the local feed, we encourage you add an image description

I've tried vetoing people coming into the instance as well as I possibly can, I tend to automatically reject folks who have an history of using their social accounts as broadcast-only outlets. I'll be more careful moving forward.

I've added a note on the topic on the instance rules:

@neauoire learned something new, thanks 😊

Even though I'm not in I'll use it as best practice.

Also did a bit of digging and found that there's an ongoing discussion about making it configurable

@neauoire So if I want to shit-thread, I should pick "followers only", correct?

@neauoire Can you elaborate a little on what qualifies as shitposting? I'm used to spitting out random ideas or sentences that occur to me but I can keep that stuff out of the local feed if that's disruptive.

@io I've never seen you shitpost in the timeline, so you shouldn't worry too much about that.

It's usually short meaningless blurbs about something obscure or nonsensical, that doesn't invite for a conversation, could be a sort of subtoot too.

> the local timeline is every post with a public status posted by users on your instance, with the exception of replies

so weird that this isn't true when making threads :sadlinux:

@neauoire is there an implication that posts on the local timeline should be of a certain quality? I like to post pics that make me happy there, or random poetry or thoughts - even tho they may not facilitate discussion, but now I'm questioning myself

I have trouble with social uncertainty like this 3:

@j3s the bar is very low, but if your post include all caps and swear words, know that you've crossed the line.

It's more about volume, I just want folks to leave space for others to share things in the local feed without having their post pilled on.

@j3s I never warn people for sharing too low effort posts, but if someone posts 10 pictures in a row without alt text or comment, I warn them.

@neauoire all caps isn't a problem for me hehe :3 but I do swears sometimes. if I understand right, it's probably fine if it's not excessive or mean spirited?

@j3s I meant like, if the tweet is just like venting ex: "FUUUUUCK DOCKER", used docker here, purely hypothetical scenario of course - yeah, that's better left unlisted. It'll just bring angst in the timeline.

@neauoire @j3s But also, fuck docker, truly

(see, the shadow realm of unlisted is fun sometimes ;P)

@klardotsh @neauoire @j3s Trying to decide if podman is any better right now. I know, I have issues.

@phf @neauoire @j3s IMO it's technically better in several ways (notably, not requiring a root daemon to be running at all times) but in some ways it's also like polishing a turd: containers are in the weird middle ground of trying to be process isolation, privilege management, network management, *and* a packaging format all in one, and the UX of any tool trying to do all of those things is necessarily going to be a wild mess.

I truly wish AppImage would have caught on more for packaging side

@phf @neauoire @j3s (for the uninitiated: AppImage is basically a tarball with metadata, you double click it and it runs. it's the closest thing we have to .app bundling in MacOS for user-friendly GUI stuff IMO. No, I will not be entertaining arguments for snap or flatpak this afternoon, good day.)

@neauoire purely hypothetical, yes, of course o___o

i understand now, thx so much for clarifying!! 🫡 it helped me stop feeling uncertain :uxn:

@j3s @neauoire I'm not saying you should emulate me by any means, I'm only providing an anecdote to help frame: the stuff I've put on local in the past ~6mo (admittedly, significantly scaled WAY back once I got hand-held through figuring out unlisted vs public over last spring and mostly redirected my thoughts to unlisted/follow-only) have not gotten moderation complaints, even when it's stuff talking about sunsets or proglangs or the occasional joke or whatever.

@j3s @neauoire Tight threading *has* gotten me some gentle reminders in the past (before I really grok'd the difference between unlisted, public, f/o, etc.): my prior default (partly due to client behaviors, and partly due to that misunderstanding and overriding clients that were actually behaving "correctly") was based on the Twitter model, where threads are fully public. 3 publics in a row will tend to raise eyebrows even if high quality.

@klardotsh thx for your perspective! :3 I have a lot of twitter isms to unlearn & lots of this is new to me, so I appreciate it - I'm sure Ill find out what feels alright, injecting the "is this local worthy" check into my brain should be no problem

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