For those who don't know, DuskOS is a forth operating system with a C compiler(written in forth, nothing less) that compiles down to the forth VM. This is the most metal implementation of the uxn vm yet.

@neauoire in addition to it being amazing to see uxn implemented in this context, the DuskOS repo has a smol wealth of documentation, rationale, and source code worth the salt of any budding computer-maker-in-the-making.

If you've wondered things like "why?", "why forth?", "why not C?", "why not Unix?", "why not Javascript?", "how?", "where does this so-called complexity in computing come from?" -- this repo is a valuable resource in the acquisition of those and other understandings.

@neauoire this might be covered in one of the documentation pages but I was wondering how graphics are done on the uxn and is there a resource on that.

@pry it's kind of architecture dependent, but X11 and SDL2 implementations are little framebuffer routines that work similarly to the Famicom/z80 era computers.

@neauoire ah ok, thanks! I'll take a look. I've been toying around w making a VHDL implementation of uxn just as practice

@neauoire will do! thanks and great talk at handmade Seattle

@phf that's a moment in the film where they setup a made-up world from within their spaceship. You'd need to be familiar with either uxn or duskos to see the relationship.

@neauoire Are you tuned into the ARM port? I'd love to get this running on some of my ARM devices, but don't have the bandwidth to do a full port on my own.

@csepp I'm not, you'd have to ask Virgil, but I doubt he'll be the one doing the port, this is his x86 project.

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