I've completed the implementation of Uxn, in Uxn, which allows me to spawn sandboxed processes(think uxn roms in windows). But I think while I'm here, I will make a little standalone toy which will be a step debugger with a pdp like panel that communicates each step of the evaluation with little blinking lights.

@neauoire is the intention to create a version of either pipes or the plumber to have these processes talk to each other?

@neauoire the roms have a little bit less than 64k of ram then ? (it's a dumb question, just asking in case there would be a magic trick 😁)

@maxime_andre yeah, they'll be limited to something like 60kb, like Bicycle.

@neauoire Wow… Just wow. Good job! 🍪 <- biscuit of appreciation.

@neauoire exquisite as always, and also I love the aesthetics of the PDP so bonus points for that.

@neauoire Interesting development, I would have assumed multiprocessing and sandboxing was out of scope for Uxn. I'm curious how the performance and implementation complexity compares to a VM with native (green) threads.

@csepp my goal is to purposefully run this slowly, I'll have a setting for like 16 times as slow, 32 times as slow and 128 times as slow.

@neauoire had to google the pdp, such a good looking computer, i was sure it was a drum machine at first haha, it would make a great interface for that too!

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